Calvary Greetings Saints!

THE ORPHANAGE IN NAIROBI NEEDS YOUR HELP!!. It is my prayer that God pulls on your heart strings and make you lose your sleep until you come to the decision that you will aid this great work. These babies need you.The need in Kenya is great, and many children to include babies are suffering as a result. Many of which go days without food and proper medical attention. We need money immediately to meet the housing, food, water, clothing, shoes and schools Supplies.What is impossible for man is possible with God. I have risked it all, my money, I am neck deep in the water, deep enough to drown. But I believe God. Every good Father sacrifices for their children.

In the words of Matthew West “I’m not strong enough” but I am glad God is strong enough for the both of us!!God bless you .

God’s Humble Servant , Pastor Daniel Ojwang.