APOSTLE ANGELA FLOWERS TALL


Apostle Angela flowers Tall is a native of Snow Hill, NC. She is the fourth child born to the late Lessie Jones of Trenton NC.

She has three children: Chiquita Flowers of Tampa Florida, Ortaveous Taylor of Greenville NC and Sophia Hocutt of Raleigh NC. She has nine grandchildren.

Apostle Flowers Tall earned her B.A, in Early Childhood Education, in Manchester, NY, Bookkeeping skill, Turner Job Corp, in Albany, GA. She has completed the following courses: Christian Leadership, Evangelism and Christian Ethics and Breakthrough School of Prophets.

Angela Flowers Tall began her journey and relationship with the Lord at an early age. This relationship and journey was destined by God before the foundation of the world.

Angela Flowers Tall has experienced many pitfalls, mountains, hills and valleys; but with her optimist poster and faith in God, she has remained resilent, steadfast and unmovable, putting her hands to the gospel plough and never allow any challenges to cause her to lose hope in her God given divine assignment.

Angela Flowers Tall initial leadership experience was with the Christian Fellowship Church, Snow Hill, North Carolina under the leadership of Apostle Charles White. Under his leadership she preaches her initial sermon and was active in various ministries in the Church.

Angela Flowers Tall continued to follow the leading of the Lord, therewith, allowing the Holy Ghost to stir up her gifts, which molded and tempered her to continue to grow and develop in ministry.

Angela Flowers Tall is an agent of prayer, that is, staying in daily communicating with the Lord. This vehicle has allowed her to move forward in ministry, reaching out to unchurched, as well as the unsaved, exercising her anointing in evangelism and missions.

On her journey she has affiliated with other ministries, Deeper Life Church Ministries, Inc. of Goldsboro, NC where she was ordained “Elder”, under the ministry of Apostle Norbert Simmons. In this ministry she allowed God to use her gift and talents in the prison and outreach ministry.

Angela Flowers Tall relocated to Raleigh NC and she attended various churches. In 2006 she united with the, Greater Philadelphia Church Ministries, under the leadership of Dr. Pastor Joseph R Rogers, Sr.

In this ministry, Angela F Tall, God given anointing came to the forefront where she was instrumental in reorganized the church’s music department, enhanced the media department, organized and directed the summer camp, tutorial and remedial program, assisted the pastor in the pastoral ministry and food distributing ministry.

When her assignment was completed in this ministry, she affiliated with the Break Through Church Ministries Inc, of Morrisville, NC under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Larry Reid where she obtained her Certificate from School of Prophets, by laying on of hands.

In 2014 Angela Flowers Tall Outreach Ministries, Inc was birthed. The Ministry was ordained by leadership of Chief Apostle Harvester Gupton, Pastor of Faith, Victory and Freedom Ministries International, Raleigh NC.

This outreach and deliverance ministries reach out to the needy both, physically and spiritually in local and foreign countries. This ministry pursues God’s will for humanity with a passion, always allowing the Holy Ghost to be her guide.

Apostle Angela F Tall was Ordained by Chief Apostle Barbara Stuart In Hampton, Virginia. At this present her skills, talents and ministry are continuing to develop with the leadership of Dr. Joseph R Rogers and Chief Apostle Barbara Stuart: Working Together in Unity

Angela Flowers Tall has proven her commitment, zeal and steadfast as it relates to the elevation of the office of APOSTLE. It is by the grace of God, that she continues to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, as she reaches out to humanity.

Angela Flowers Tall continues to share her experience by publishing several books, namely, but not limited to: “Evangelism For The Heart”, “Insights For The New Christian Relationship: Biblical Principles For The New Believer”, The Table Has been Set (Thirsting After Righteousness): Preparing A Table Of Deliverance and “God Can Heal A Broken heart”.

Angela Flowers Tall has also reaches out through worship at Confront Inn every third Sunday. She visits the Assistance Living and Nursing Homes, and Prisons. She feeds the hungry, clothed the naked, counsels the discourage and offers a prayer line to those how are hurting and need encouragement. Also send food and other needed items to Naibrobi Kenya South Africa.

Apostle Angela Flowers Tall oversees an outreach ministry in Naibrobi Kenya South Africa where Daniel Ojwang is Pastor.

Therefore, it is by the grace, love and mercy of God that this servant continues to move high in her relationship and servitude with God in operating in the office of Apostle, untiringly and without reservation.

The Angela Flowers Tall Outreach Ministries has obtained their 501 © (3), which gives her more tools to serve humanity.

Apostle Angela Flowers Tall